Solar PV Plant Design

Site Study, Solar Resource & Environmental Design Study.

PV Sys.Analysis, Guranteed Energy Prediction, Plant PR Ratio, CUF & SubstationDesign Engineering.

Developing  Plant Layout, DPR, BOM, Detailed Technical specification,Plant Commissioning Activities &Operation.

Design Analysis for PV Module Rating, Inverter Sizing, DC Cable Sizing, SMB Sizing,PV Array Earthing,

Control Room Layout, Transformer & HT Panel Sizing, Power Evacuation Design.

Supplier Selection & Ranking.

Contractor Selection & Ranking.

Quality Control & Inspection Assistance.

Preparation of a financial model covering the full life cycle of the Plant.

Contract Negotiations.

Developing Detailed Engineering drawings like PV Array Layout, DC & AC Cable Layout, SLD, Control Room

Layout, Substation Layout, Periphery Lighting, Lightning Layout, & Earthing Layout.

Captive Energy design based Solar Energy for the existing power systems.

Roof-Top PV Design Solutions for the Industry, Commercial, IT Parks, Educational Institutions &Residential Buildings


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